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Video Production Services: Digital Designs takes pride in setting out customers apart from the rest when it comes to visually engaging an audience—we also know that it is not easy to know how your idea will translate from imagination-to-screen.

Here’s the order in which production projects generally occur:

1. Concepting 2. Scriptwriting
3. Pre-production 4. Videography (Shoot)
5. Graphics Design & Creation 6. Voice Recording
7. Original Music or Library Music tracks 8. Editing
9. Motion Graphics & Special Effects 10. Animation
11. Final Edit, Mix, and Master 12. Dubs (Copies) or other Distribution

VIDEO EDITING (Post Production): Digital Designs post-production professionals work hard to refine and shape your vision. From the time we bring your footage into our post-production suite, through the editing process and onto the final touches, our editors are well-versed and immersed in your project. You are always welcome to come and sit in on Video editing sessions, and your feedback throughout the process is considered invaluable. Our team can handle all manner of post-production needs: From Video editing through color correction; DVD authoring and duplication; to preparation for broadcast or web.

Our seniority speaks not only to the expertise and professionalism of the service we provide, but also to our stability as a long-term business partner. Digital Designs will meet and exceed your expectations in quality and efficiency.

We are experienced. We easily adapt. We strive for new heights. We are ready and willing.

List of Video Editing Services:

- Basic video editing - Motion Graphics
- Video Transitions - Music Bed
- Lower Thirds - Titles
- Callouts - Video Re-framing (when possible)
- Audio enhancement - Noise reduction
- Color Correction  

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Digital Designs created this video for our client to feature a list of services they offer on a 80” LED TV at the home shows they attend. This video had made a huge impact on their booth appearance.


Dear Digital Designs:

The video you produced for our home show changed our business. We displayed the video on a 80” LED TV and with the logo, business cards, post cards, presentation folders and inserts we have landed more jobs from this one show than we have in the history of our business. I know when we talked you mentioned how this would change our business and we knew it would help, but we had no clue how big of an impact it would make. I thank you more than I can say. you are truly the best!

Thank You
Tom Roy
Ultimate Landscaping Saginaw, MI

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customer review stars "SWS-Trimac has been in business since 1967 providing Welding and Machining Services solely relying upon our reputation and Internet advertising as our marketing campaign. Since getting Digital Design involved in 2011 our business has seen double digit increases in sales each of the first two years. We have reached new markets which further extended our diversity which should spawn new opportunities in the future. I have to give your team much of the credit for this success not only in website development but with the work done on our brochures and creation of our new logo.  Thanks again for a job well done." 
- Gordon McIntosh | SWS-Trimac  Saginaw, Michigan
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customer review stars "Digital Designs is small enough to give you personalized service but big enough to tackle large scale web projects.  I feel like I have a say in everything that matters to me in the design process.  I can also say "take this idea and run with it" and I know they will create a great product." 
- Keith Krupp | Industrial Control Repair  Warren, Michigan
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customer review stars "Digital Designs is heads above the other web design companies we looked at. I could not be happier with the work they produced.  Their staff is brilliant and the ideas they come up with for designing and marketing are second to none."  
- Meghan H..   Essexville, Michigan
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customer review stars "Digital Design has the best looking website design of anyone we have seen in Michigan. When we started looking at web design companies in Michigan, we were not all that impressed until we found Digital Designs. From the moment we went to their website we knew right away they were different. If you are looking for a web design company in Michigan, give Digital Designs a look and I know you will be impressed too." 
- Kayla M.   Bay City, Michigan
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customer review stars "From the first design they put together for my website, I knew I was dealing with professionals that were above the rest. My website is almost 2 years old and it is still very good looking and moves product fast. I can barely stock items in my store. As soon as they go Online they sell in a few days. I owe everything to Digital Designs and recommend them time and again if you are looking for a web design and marketing company that does things the right way and gets real results!" 
- Eric Havens | Discount Audio Video, Michigan
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customer review stars "Digital Designs has, by far, been the most vital partner to the success of my business. There is no question in my mind as to why they are voted the best web design company in Michigan. However, they are so much more than your typical web design company because they offer many services beyond building websites. "  
- Gabriel Faubert   Solarfall Industries LLC | Kloud 9 Energy, Michigan
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customer review stars "When you asked me what words best describe the brand I was aiming to build I answered: National feel , Classy, Uber professional. Together with your team, you knocked it out of the park. You would’t believe how many compliments I receive from the site. In addition, what separates me from my competition is that I have the welcome video on my homepage. It was so worth it!!! You met and exceeded every element of the site. I’m so grateful for your service. Thank you for helping us in our marketing and Online presence development. "  
- Katrina P. Campau  Dynamisis | Royal Oak, Michigan
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